The client is a national distributor with office, warehouse and retail presence located nationally and in NZ and South Africa. To satisfy regulatory compliance, reduce commercial risk and improve overall business confidence, the client went to market for a cybersecurity solution to provide oversight of their entire technology stack.

Our client needed to move beyond a narrow security approach that isolates IT assets, hindering the effectiveness of thorough troubleshooting and remediation efforts. The solution was to operationalise cybersecurity, which required 24×7 vigilance and constant adaption.



PROJECT NAME: Cybersecurity – Security Operations Centre
DATE: March to October 2023

Leveraging our partnership with Arctic Wolf, we were able to offer our client a powerful suite of Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) products and services that align perfectly with their requirements:

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. Leveraging an AI-driven security operations platform, complemented by human intelligence, MDR serves as the base requirement of Arctic Wolf’s offering. This robust solution provides comprehensive threat detection and response capabilities.
Managed Security Risk: Vulnerability management services to proactively identify and address potential weaknesses in your security infrastructure.
Managed Security Awareness: User training programs designed to foster a culture of security, including simulations of phishing campaigns to enhance employee awareness and resilience.
Incident and Response: Remediation and recovery support, including negotiation with threat actors and insurance companies, ensuring a swift and effective response to any security incidents.

The partnership between Arctic Wolf and Integrated Solutions is a logical choice because the attack surfaces that Arctic Wolf covers, are the very infrastructure assets, we have been supporting our client for almost 15 years: endpoints/servers, networks, identity, cloud, and end users. Partnering with Arctic Wolf allows us to provide our client with a global-level response, delivered with local talent.



By operationalising cybersecurity, the client has been able to satisfy compliance, mitigate risk and build business confidence far more effectively. Leveraging Integrated Solutions’ managed security service, combining AI-driven technology with human intelligence and oversight, they gained the benefits from early threat detection, effective management and a pathway for a swift response and remediation.