Our client is an ASX-listed company focusing on the provision of independent living communities for seniors. They own a rapidly expanding portfolio of villages, and they are also a property manager of more than 50 villages nationwide.

Relying heavily on IT for remote work and collaboration, our client encountered challenges with their current set of software and productivity tools, prompting the initiation of a digital transformation journey. The adoption of Microsoft SharePoint Online was identified as the foundational platform for migration, offering expanded capabilities through tools like Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Power Platform.



PROJECT NAME: Migration to SharePoint / Power Platform workflow development
DATE: September 2023 – February 2024

SOFTWARE – Microsoft SharePoint Online, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva Connections

A new framework for the SharePoint environment was developed, with a focus on separating content into logical groups with relevant permissions that were simple and easy to understand.

A new home page experience was also configured with SharePoint and Viva Connections, creating an integrated and engaging employee experience showcasing news, conversations and resources within a single location for every employee nationwide. Our client seized the opportunity to implement their new corporate branding, ensuring a comprehensive update of the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem to showcase their refreshed logo, colours, and overall company branding.

Concurrently, the Accounts team sought a more efficient invoice approval process. A solution was established using Microsoft Lists within SharePoint, integrated with Microsoft Power Apps and Automate. This setup allows for seamless uploading of invoices, routing them to the designated employees for approval, and subsequently forwarding them back to the Accounts Payable team for processing.

The migration to SharePoint was carried out in a phased manner, with offices and remote sites being migrated steadily to minimise potential issues and continuing to verify success.

The marketing team were actively involved in executing the rollout of the new company branding and enhancing the home page experience. Simultaneously, the Accounts Payable team conducted successful tests and validations, ensuring that the new invoice approval process functioned as anticipated.



The successful adoption of the Microsoft 365 suite has allowed workflows to be streamlined and enhanced the company’s information management capabilities, demonstrating the power of digital transformation.