Queensland’s largest independent Chartered Accounting firm, faced a crucial challenge with its ageing Cisco phone system. As the workforce increasingly shifted towards remote work, the firm sought a modern solution to accommodate work-from-home users and eliminate the dependency on traditional desk phones.

We strategically partnered with Access4, a leading provider in Voice and Unified Communications. Through this collaboration, we successfully deployed a cutting-edge voice solution integrated with Microsoft Teams.



PROJECT NAME: Microsoft Teams Voice
DATE: September 2023

• Access4
• Microsoft 365

• Using Access4 propriety OSS/BSS platform SASBOSS we built call centres, hunt groups and user services
• Users were already messaging and collaborating in Microsoft Teams, we added call functionality into Microsoft Teams and this achieved a single pane of glass experience to end users.

• Downtime was kept to a minimum, Utilising a test period and a 10 block number allocation from Access4 we deployed the voice solution to a pilot test group without affecting the main line.
• Using this approach, we could ensure call flows and out of office messages got tested before cutting over to their publicly listed main line number.



The result was a unified user interface through Microsoft Teams, encompassing chat, collaboration, and newly added calling features. The transition was smooth for users, given their familiarity with Microsoft Teams, now with the addition of the call function being the only change. Users appreciated the convenience of not having to redirect desk phone calls. They seamlessly received calls on their mobile using the Microsoft Teams app.