Meet Our Team

Daniel S

ServiceDesk Consultant

You need a new mail server – this is the perfect IT solution:  I assess the situation and determine Office 365 is the right fit for your business.  I arrive onsite, bringing doughnuts and a 1.9Kg tin of Milo.  Pleasantries are exchanged and we overview the migration plan over doughnuts and icy-cold glasses of Milo.  The migration begins and like all IT projects on my watch, everything is going according to plan – we break and discuss foreign policy over another tall glass of Milo, the doughnuts have since been hijacked by the finance team. We are interrupted by the EA of the CEO advising that the Contact hasn’t sync’d to the CEO’s iPhone.  I linger longingly into the distant, eyes staring yet empty – yearning, considering intently just to buy myself more time so I can finish the tall glass of Milo.  I go to the CEO’s workstation, I click the mouse – left, right, left and left again, purposefully tapped the keyboard a few times and the contacts start synching. I lean back in the CEO’s chair, again steely staring into the distance thinking to myself – I could do with another Milo.