Brook e

Brooke H

Sales and Procurement

Brooke is a member of our sales and administration team and is the first point of contact for many of our clients’ sales and accounts enquiries.  In most instances, Brooke has become the voice and face of our team and therefore prides herself on offering a personal and friendly level of service.


Away from the office, Brooke firmly believes that the hotdog is not a sandwich; her spirit animal is the sloth; had a weakness for rainbow paddle pops but has since turned her life around following an intervention and if given the choice – would prefer to give up her mobile phone for 30 days rather than give up dessert her entire life.  Brooke, a mad All Blacks supporter has made the snuggie look good since 2014 and always gives 100%, except when she’s donating blood and on the rare occasion when there is a paddle pop in close proximity.