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The Best IT Solution For Your Business

Irrespective of the nature or complexity of the IT solution, technology is used by people.

  • General Support

    • Monitor & maintain remote access capabilities
    • Server, Storage, Networking & Communications
    • Install & Configure systems
    • Project Management
    • IT Management
    • Consulting

  • Managed Services

    • Monthly fixed-fee IT support
    • Support escalation points
    • Project Management
    • Maintenance and Management

  • Special Services

    • Project Management
    • Hyper-converged Infrastructure
    • Complex Networking and Security
    • Storage and Virtualisation
    • Telephony and Video Conferencing
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


 The manner in which people access information (Email, Data) and services (Print, browse the Internet) must be intuitive, seamless and highly available.

If your business is reliant on technology, then IT support is a critical service in maintaining an acceptable level of continuity and productivity.

A managed services agreement with Integrated Solutions is a monthly fixed-fee IT support engagement. Tailored to the individual needs of each client, manage services offers a comprehensive support experience and true visibility of costs.

Offered on an ad-hoc or in a Managed Services capacity, Integrated Solutions invest in a dedicated Service Desk team utilising leading industry tools to monitoring/maintaining and provide seamless remote access capabilities.


  • Offered on an ad-hoc or in a Managed Services capacity
  • Dedicated Service Desk team utilising leading industry tools to monitoring/maintaining and provide seamless remote access capabilities
  • Available from 630am to 5pm, Business Days.  (After-hours support by prior arrangement)

Server and Networking

  • Support for (but not limited to) Server Compute, Storage, Networking and Communications
  • Project Team to install/configure new systems
  • Escalation support for Service Desk

Special Services

  • These services are available to address more complex solutions not required at a day to day level e.g. Networking Design (Local and Wide Area Networking), Security, Special Projects
  • Project Management
  • IT Management as a Service


Following a thorough assessment by an independent accredited auditor, ISO 9001 asserts Integrated Solutions’ QMS to be effective in meeting client and regulatory requirements. Additionally, our policies and procedures relating to continuous improvement ensure our team must satisfy a high standard in delivering a personal level of service to our valued partners.

Benefits of an ISO 9001 Certification include:

  • Certification against globally recognised standard
  • Recognition of internal quality management of the business
  • Consistent, measured and monitored outcomes leading to higher operating efficiencies
  • Improved customer service outcomes
  • Quick and efficient problem identification and remediation problems
  • Reaffirmed commitment of staff, clients, and business partners that customer satisfaction is at the core of the business

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