Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Operationalising Cybersecurity

Many organisations may be surprised to learn that they do not have a true detection and response approach to cybersecurity.  Arguably, most organisations have a just-enough approach and to meet the expanding threat landscape, that approach falls short of what is necessary.

More than ever, the modern business is heavily reliant on technology.  We must move beyond a narrow security approach that isolates IT assets, hindering the effectiveness of thorough troubleshooting and remediation efforts.  By modernising and prioritising our approach to cybersecurity, we can ensure continuity and mitigate risk far more effectively.

All modern businesses with a digital footprint have similar cybersecurity challenges:

Each challenge represents business problems to be solved (risk, compliance and/or business continuity).  And the solution to mitigate cyber risk, satisfy compliance and/or ensure acceptable levels of continuity, is to operationalise cybersecurity by engaging a managed security service.

Malicious Activity

malware, ransomware, data breach etc

Compliance Drivers

industry-based regulatory requirements

Security Dissatisfaction

lack of business confidence

Resource Constraints

skills shortage and challenging labour costs

Cyber Insurance Gaps

insurance requirements

What does operationalisation mean?

Operationalisation means turning abstract concepts into measurable observations.  And operationalising cybersecurity is about providing a comprehensive oversight of all critical IT assets (attack surfaces) including Endpoint, Server, Network, Cloud, Identity, and Users. Therefore, operationalising cybersecurity requires 24×7 vigilance and constant adaption

Integrated Solutions has partnered with Arctic Wolf, a global security operations company, to deliver a 24×7 detection and response service.  This is a full managed security operations centre (SOC), combining AI-driven technology with human intelligence and oversight.

The core features of a Managed SOC from Integrated Solutions, powered by Arctic Wolf:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – an AI-driven security operations platform complemented by human intelligence.
  • Managed Security Risk – vulnerability management.
  • Managed Security Awareness – user training to create a culture of security.
  • Incident and Response – in addition to remediation and recovery, support includes negotiation with threat actors and insurance companies.

The platform is built on an open platform which offers 2 key benefits:

    1. Broad visibility across the full security landscape and attack surfaces including endpoint, server, network, cloud, identity, and users.
    2. Sensors, Agents, and Scanners work with current IT tools/platforms, avoiding the need to rip and replace existing investments.

Delivery is via a concierge service, comprised of multiple teams working in unison:

      1. Triage Security Team – a tactical team of security experts that provide 24x7x365 coverage of the platform.
      2. Concierge Security Team – this is a named Australian-based security expert, dedicated to you, and available for both ad-hoc requests and recurring quarterly meetings.  Strategic in nature, the Concierge Security Team provides support for the entire security journey.


      1. You may be eligible for a unique security operations Warranty of up to 1M of financial assistance covering a wide range of security incident costs.  This does not replace cyber insurance.

Automation and orchestration:

      1. Telemetry data is ingested, parsed, enriched, and analysed by an AI-driven platform and elevated to the Triage team.
      2. The Triage Team investigates the data and only significant incidents are escalated directly to your nominated team, along with the Concierge Security Team for remediation and recovery.
        1. This capture point eliminates substantial levels of alert fatigue.


Leveraging a managed security service from Integrated Solutions, customers can benefit from early threat detection, effective troubleshooting management and a meaningful pathway for a swift response and remediation.  We become a true extension of your business, offering 24×7 tactical support and continuous strategic improvement of the wider security position.