OKKO Case Study



Okko Eye Specialist Centre provides comprehensive ophthalmology services in Brisbane.


Working closely with Integrated Solutions, Okko has been able to seamlessly grow its IT capabilities, expand to a second location, all while staying focused on delivering excellent service and exceptional specialist eye care. Cara McCormack is the Practice Manager at Okko, and tells of how Integrated Solutions has provided customised support at every point of their growth.


Our principal ophthalmologist is Dr Matthew Russell. He was working for a larger organisation for several years, and when then they decided to leave their Auchenflower premises, Dr Russell decided to stay and start his own practice. This was a big step, and he wanted the best people looking after the IT side of his new practice, so he called Integrated Solutions.

How Integrated Solutions Helped

When the Auchenflower premises were vacated, everything was removed, so the challenge for Integrated Solutions was to fit out the new Okko office – in one day. That included a new server, virtual server, 10 new workstations and four laptops – all from scratch. They were up to the challenge. It was a smooth and painless process, with eight or nine of their people all working harmoniously together on-site.


To avoid inconvenience to patients and our referrers, the downtime between the old and the new practice had to be minimal, and Integrated Solutions were able to keep us online at all times to facilitate urgent medical treatment if necessary. They were able to achieve this flowing transition as a result of thorough, early planning. Months before the event, Integrated Solutions had configured and tested all the computers and the temporary server off-site. As a result, the new system was up and running in a day, and we did not lose a single full day of business in the transition.


In the same week that the Auchenflower premises were set up, Integrated Solutions also set up our second location, this time in Mt Gravatt. Again, Integrated Solutions set us all up with five new workstations, two laptops, and they re-purposed the old server from the previous tenants that had to be completely wiped and have everything reinstalled. They had fully set up our two new locations in the same week to a top standard, and we were very happy.


In June 2015 we underwent a full renovation of our Auchenflower practice. That meant we needed to relocate for the period of the build, and Integrated Solutions set up a temporary office next door so we could keep the business functional. Two months later we moved back to our new spacious office twice the size of the previous one. Integrated Solutions had installed a new server – again, from scratch – doubled our number of computers, and had everything we needed up and running within one week.


Integrated Solutions installed servers in both sites, as well as setting up backup locally and site replication. They also installed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between the two sites so data can be transferred completely securely between the two. This way all our programs can speak to one  another, including our imaging software. What’s more, data from both locations are simultaneously backed up securely to the other. So, even if there were to be a fire at one location, for example, we still have all our data backed up at the other location.

Working with Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions has always been very responsive. Steve from Integrated Solutions is always available, even when we call him late with an issue, he’s always there, and completely dedicated to make sure we don’t go offline. If there is an issue, he’ll attend to it at 5 or 6pm, so it’s ready by morning!


Steve had previous experience with medical practices so he knew about medical programs and was able to apply his expertise to address our specific needs.


Integrated Solutions even assisted in setting up Dr Russell’s home office, so he can now work from home using the VPN to access network files securely. Even when he travels for work, he can link into the network remotely and securely.


“Integrated Solutions has enabled us to run as a paperless office, setting up Office 365 for our e-mail, which is cloud-based. Our database is split between local (on-site) and in the cloud.”


I would have to say that everyone at Integrated Solutions is lovely. I’ve gotten to know pretty much everyone there, and they have always been helpful. Even when Steve isn’t available, whoever I speak to knows about our set-up and there is always someone who can look after us. It really speaks to the teamwork and communication they have internally that they’re up to speed on each other’s jobs. Integrated Solutions is prompt and flexible to our needs, with industry specific knowledge that has allowed our business to grow and evolve.


I am very happy to endorse Integrated Solutions for their efforts and expertise.