Exclusive Tyre Distributors Case Study


About the Company

Integrated Solutions has dependably provided ETD IT support and continued expanding IT infrastructure using IT support for over six years, through to the fantastic success story they are today. Exclusive Tyre Distributors (ETD) is a leading independent tyre wholesaler in the passenger and 4WD segments. Jason Lamb is the CFO at ETD, and here shares the story of this winning partnership.


Our claim to fame with Integrated Solutions is that we were, in fact, their first client. Our first order to them was to install our first enterprise server, roughly around 2009/2010.


Back then, we had around 30 staff and by that point had gone through plenty of other servers. We got by with what internal IT knowledge we had and our old GM also knew a bit of IT. However we knew we couldn’t maintain the increasingly complex IT side of our business ourselves. We were growing, and needed professional IT help.

How ISGQ Helped

Integrated Solutions have been with us at every phase of our expansion. After installing that first enterprise server, they serviced it and kept it going for five years.


With the new server came a change to the office environment. It was a more complex piece of equipment and we were wholly occupied with running the business. Integrated Solutions had proven themselves to be completely reliable and knowledgeable, and their professional team to keep things running smoothly.


To begin with we would call upon Integrated Solutions’ expertise on an ad-hoc basis, but as we kept growing, so did our need for technical support. As a result, we decided that we needed someone in-house to help with the increased number of users on our system, which has now grown to 130 plus users. Expanding our IT infrastructure using IT support was a smooth process with ISGQ. Integrated Solutions provided exactly what we needed with their usual no-fuss solutions and comprehensive technical knowledge.


Integrated Solutions’ customer support is also on par with their technical expertise, which is to say, it is excellent. We have a very close working relationship with David, Phon and Suzi who, from the beginning, have always been available to provide the service we need.

The Future with Integrated Solutions

The future looks good for ETD. We have quadrupled in size and have branch offices all over Australia and New Zealand. Integrated Solutions provides us with additional resources when required on top of managing our IT helpdesk. The introduction of scalable IT systems allows for further business growth in the future and provides a secure, private network that enables all our branches to connect.


We’re growing our business organically and through acquisitions, and we look forward to increasing our relationship with Integrated Solutions. In fact, they’ve recently completed another major IT upgrade for us, as well as continued expanding IT infrastructure using IT support and we hope they’ll continue to grow with us for many years yet.