EPE Case Study

About the Company

EPE Trusted to Protect provide innovative protection capabilities to defence, law enforcement and first responder communities. They engaged Integrated Solutions to assist in meeting the stringent security requirements of the Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF), as well as use application whitelisting for IT security. EPE also wanted to align  with the ASD Essential Eight maturity model as part of their security strategy.


One of the many components implemented as part of this engagement was Application Whitelisting also known as Application Control.


A controlled list of safe applications, scripts and other executable files is centrally managed via software hosted on a private cloud platform. This is in keeping with EPE’s ‘Cloud First’ IT model. Any new, unknown applications are prevented from executing on EPE’s systems until they are checked and added to the list.

How ISGQ Helped

It was important that staff were impacted as little as possible by the additional security measures. Integrated Solutions partnered with Airlock Digital to provide a lightweight solution with ease of administration being a key priority. EPE needed to ensure that when an employee required access to new software to perform their business duties, they would be able to get it added to the safe list simply and without delay.


The flexibility of the Airlock solution allows staff with differing requirements to have their settings tailored individually. Staff working outside of business hours needed a method to gain safe access to software without requiring IT intervention. This was delivered by creating an automated code that works with Microsoft’s Two Factor Authentication solution.

Outcome of the Project

Staff at EPE have reported that the introduction of Application Whitelisting for IT security was seamless. Many being unaware that it had even been switched on thanks to the silent background deployment methods used. Those who have interacted with the solution to gain access to new software have described the process as swift, simple, and hassle-free.


Implementing the recommendations of the ASD Essential Eight Maturity Model might seem like a daunting task, but like EPE you could be pleasantly surprised at how straightforward it can be with the right partnerships in place.