Teams Voice

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing and most widely adopted business technologies in the world. It offers effective and intuitive features such as collaboration tools (e.g., IM and meetings), document management systems and Teams voice. Teams is deeply embedding itself to become a core line of business application for partners who are seeking innovation. The tool has been implemented in many organisations industry-wide due to its accessibility, cost efficiency and collaboration means.

Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Voice is a commanding cloud-hosted IP telephony solution, leveraging Microsoft’s Direct Routing technology.  Simply, Direct Routing refers to the process of sending voice traffic from Microsoft Teams to the traditional phone network (PSTN).  Direct Routing allows business partners to connect Teams to a range of voice providers and take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility and improved support.

Benefits of Implementing Teams Voice

With the addition of voice services, the Teams’ client offers a single pane of glass experience for all communications in and out of the office, including IM, conferencing, document sharing, and voice. These features offer partners economies of scale to achieve high business efficiencies while reducing complexity and ongoing costs. Other benefits include:

  • Full advantage of a cloud-hosted service
  • Extensive support provided by IT partner, rather than traditional voice vendors
  • Effortless work access from all remote locations

Requirements to Migrate to Teams’ Voice

To make the change and migrate, a compatible Business or Enterprise Office 365 plan is required as a base. Additionally, an Office 365 Team’s Business Voice or Phone System license (per user per month) and Direct Route PBX license (per user per month) are required.

What ISGQ Can Offer

Irrespective of whether partners are looking to undertake a full migration or seeking a cost-effective pathway while sweating out their current legacy assets, Integrated Solutions can assist with enabling Teams’ Voice for any business partners with current Office 365 subscriptions and provide constant support once enabled.