With the constant evolution of technology, modern businesses are becoming heavily reliant on cloud services, Software as a Service (SaaS), video, and mobility services. There has also been a massive increase in the need to support remote and distributed workforces and will arguable continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Due to these trends, the decentralisation of traffic patterns will place additional burden on traditional WAN networks such as MPLS and VPN’s, to improve the performance, address security measures while also reducing on-going costs. To manage this surge in complexity, a more holistic approach is required. SD-WAN is an enterprise-grade software solution enabling intelligent and secure connectivity into the cloud fabric, transforming networks from fragile to agile.

Benefits of Implementing SD-WAN

Major benefits of implementing SD-WAN include:

  • Improved security on all edge points of your company
  • Centralised manageability
  • Application resilience, leading to improved end-user experiences.
  • Dynamic path selection optimising link efficiency, equating to better cost efficiency.

SD-WAN has previously been limited to larger budgets for its high enterprise value, implementation, and support costs, however Integrated Solutions has reimaged SD-WAN technology to fulfil the growing needs of our small to medium business partners. From simple connections (a single site with at least two connections) to complex connections (multiple sites with multiple different internet connections), Integrated Solutions can design a low-cost, effective, and secure edge solution to optimise connectivity for all essential services.


As the number of connection points in your company grow, the more complex and costly the wider network becomes. Implementing SD-WAN as an enterprise-grade solution will consolidate and secure internet connections which will in turn improve company performance and security, while remaining cost-effective. Integrated Solutions can leverage the enterprise features of SD-WAN technology for all our business partners to achieve their strategic objectives.