Case Study – Cloud Phone System


Best Wilson Buckley Family Law has established itself as a reputable law firm specialising in family law, offering high-quality legal representation and advice to its clients for over 10 years.

As the firm continued to grow, it became evident that their existing communication systems were dated and inefficient, hindering their ability to provide prompt and seamless service. Recognising the need for a more advanced phone system, Best Wilson Buckley sought a solution that would enhance communication and collaboration among lawyers, staff, and clients.

After consulting with ISGQ, they decided that a cloud phone system offered in partnership with Access4 would be the ideal choice.


Implementing a new phone system came with its share of challenges for Best Wilson Buckley. One primary concern was ensuring that the new system would seamlessly integrate with their existing IT infrastructure, which encompassed Citrix, multiple servers, and various software applications. Additionally, the firm had to guarantee that the selected solution complied with industry regulations and security standards while delivering the level of service and care their clients expected.


To address these challenges, Best Wilson Buckley collaborated with Integrated Solutions, an experienced provider of Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) platforms, working alongside Access4. The first step involved conducting a comprehensive assessment of Best Wilson Buckley’s current IT infrastructure to identify any necessary upgrades or modifications required to achieve compatibility with the new system.

Once the assessment was complete, the implementation process commenced. The team configured the phone system to meet Best Wilson Buckley’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with their existing infrastructure, call routing, voicemail, and Cisco Webex softphone, that made it easier for all staff to communicate with each other and with clients.

Staff members received thorough training on how to effectively utilise the new system, and a dedicated help desk was established to provide ongoing support and address any issues promptly.


Following the successful installation, Best Wilson Buckley witnessed a significant improvement in the end-user experience, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among their staff and clients. Staff members found it easier to connect with each other and promptly respond to client inquiries. Furthermore, the system demonstrated high levels of security and compliance with industry regulations, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.


The decision to migrate to the Access4 platform proved to be an excellent solution for Best Wilson Buckley’s communication and collaboration needs. Working closely with Integrated Solutions, who understood the firm’s unique requirements, resulted in a smooth installation process with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations.

The new cloud phone system significantly improved communication and collaboration within the firm, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Best Wilson Buckley can continue to provide their clients with the exceptional level of service they deserve, all while confidently experiencing the benefits of a modern and secure communication infrastructure.